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The easy-to-use GB Voice 2S+ is a talking GPS device that reads your distances allowed to the front, center, back of the green with the push of a button.


  • Up to 18 Hours of Battery Life in Golf Mode
  • Simple Audio Distance Measuring Device
  • (NEW) Slope On/Off Capability
  • Distances to Front/Center/Back of the Green
  • (NEW) Distances to Hazards
  • Shot Distance Measurement
  • Automatic Course and Hole Recognition
  • Detachable Unit to Provide Versatility
  • Multilingual: Up to 11 Languages, (NEW) 10 Preloaded Option of Male/Female Voice
  • Check the Time in Golf Mode
  • Preloaded with 40,000 Courses Worldwide with Free Updates
  • Flip the Screen to Fit your Game

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I had one a gave it away. If you happen to go off your hole left, right, or long you have no distance reading to the green. Staying with my Skicaddie.

Gerald G. Dembrowicz
Somewhat disappointing

With it being so small without reading glasses I cannot read it. It is also not loud enough for me to hear it. I was hoping that it was closer to the size of the Golf Buddy World that I had previously owned.

jerry fortunato

it is working fine

buzz lightbeer
Worth it

Just invested in this piece, coming from a laser range finder. So far, I am satisfied after 2 months use. Worth the amount of money and warranty helps out with peace of mind knowing I don't have to purchase an extended plan like square trade or geek squad from Best Buy.

buzz lightbeer
No brainer

I've gone from basically each Voice model GB has come out with, which is quite a few (4 or 5 now from 2012). The great thing is, these devices aren't breaking the bank, so $100ish ball park every 2-4 years aint too shabby.

I'm not a fan of the slope feature in any GPS, just because it's not a difference maker for me. The hazard display on this piece is perfect though.

To top this off, the warranty has gone from a 1-year on previous models to a 2-year coverage on this piece. Strongly recommend.

Downside of GB in general is technical support, but all you really have to do is go on their FAQ page, the quick start guide or email their support team.

Best advice for any user new/ entry level or experienced user is to tinker with the settings, get to know the GB before calling or emailing.